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    For a holistic approach, then we need to look at your financial security from birds eye view.


    Individual Life Insurance

    A life insurance policy can cover many aspect of your estate.

    • Pay off a mortgage, to reduce financial stress of a surviving spouse.
    • Maintain the current lifestyle to surviving spouse and children.
    • Cover last expenses; funeral and burial costs.
    • Pay off  estate debts
    • Secure your children's education costs
    • Provide an income to the family, for a transitional period.

    There's a ton of different solutions that can accommodate these needs.

    We believe Individual Life Insurance is like building with Legos, the possibilities are endless.

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    Individual Living Benefits Insurance

    From Income Protection to Critical Illness Coverage



    Disability Insurance, also known as income protection is a key aspect for any professional.

    What happens if you reached the pinnacle of your career and suddenly now have a disability?

    What if you couldn't perform the current tasks? Wouldn't that affect your income and lifestyle?


    Protecting your ability to earn a living is key, as even a partial absence from your duties can have a detrimental effect on all aspects of your financial security.


    A Disability Insurance Policy would pay you a Tax-Free monthly benefit to replace income lost from a sickness or injury.

    Although group plans can help, ensure that a financial adviser reviews your current coverage.

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    Individual Health Insurance

    Private health insurance is the future

    It would be naive for us to think otherwise. Although our government has best intentions, continuously increasing costs for services doesn't help the overall success of our medical coverage.

    Group plans are great for this, but again, not all employees have access to plans that are generous for this type of coverage.


    If this coverage is important to you, let us build your tailor-made plan today!

    Investments and Liquidity

    Let's build your wealth

    Since it's inception, the stock market has realized growth. A diversified mutual fund portfolio can enable you to tap into this expansion and allow your funds to grow over time. Making sure you focus on the right type of strategy can make all the difference.


    Our track record has proven to assist our clients in this endeavor and help them plan for their current and future projects. Building a short term and long term plan while relying on market leading providers.

    We have access to more than 3000 funds through Peak Investment Services and with exposure to leaders of the industry, we ensure are clients are constantly "In the Know".


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