• Our Process

    Looking at the four pillars of financial security and one by one ensuring that your footing is solid.

    We work on a financial plan to help you build your dreams and goals.

      Financial Security planning can be daunting at first. That's why we break it down into steps to ensure we comprehend your needs before recommending a solution.


      We approach the full aspect of your financial security and review your needs in a holistic approach.


    Once all the information is compiled, we conduct a market study to find the appropriate carrier for your needs. As your trusted local advisory firm, we have no sales quotas or in-house products. Our client's benefit, always come first.

    Once our recommendations have been presented , we move forward with implementing a plan of your choosing. Finally, ensuring we keep track of progress and changes along the way.

    Your Network is your Net Worth- Porter Gale

    We have access to an extensive group of experts.

    Our back office channel is just the starting point.

    While Peak Investments Services as well as Peak Insurance have in house experts to assist in our offering, it doesn't stop there.


    We have relationships with our main carriers and industry leaders which allow us to have an in depth view of their solutions.In-house experts and product representatives at the whole seller level.

    This insight helps us to guide you toward a specific company or a combination of suppliers in order to maximize your benefits and cover your needs.