• About Us

    Get to know us, we don't bite

    If you're a light reader, skip to our last paragraph. Although we want you to know us... what's more important to us is:

    We want to know about YOU.

    YVision Financial was founded to inspire and guide, in the financial services arena.

    What motivates us the most, is helping people fulfill their dreams and plan for a future filled with prosperity.

    Our founder, John Kioussis, instilled the core values of integrity and family ethics as our footing. These values coupled with a thirst for knowledge and progress, is what enabled us to be entrusted with such an important task.

    YVision Financial is an independent firm focused on individual insurance and investments.

    Our independence allows us to offer unbiased advice, combined with a leading structure and support from Peak Financial Services Inc.

    With our systematic and resilient approach, we’re able to help you minimize or eliminate any unforeseen risks, build a road-map and finally help you optimize your financial growth potential.

    As we move forward, we strive to offer our clients the enhanced customer experience, continual value-add through our online social platforms and most of all, our unconditional love.

    That's not all

    A word from our President

    John Kioussis

    President and Founder of YVision Financial Services Inc.


    It's with great pleasure I present you our services with our unwavering loyalty to your success.

    From a young age I've always spoken and dreamt of planning for the future, and now I have the privilege to extend my vision to my clients and friends.

    In our day to day lives,having goals is important and our progress is what brings us joy. While having goals is key, having a larger vision is crucial to our overall success. The more focused our vision, the more it pulls us to a destination and our dreams.


    My first career started in Electrical Engineering, as I had and still have a scientific side to me.

    I had the privilege to finish my DEC in Electrical Engineering and had over 8 years of great experience in this space.

    Although I had walked into the large majority of manufacturing and robotics companies in the Montreal and Regions area, something was missing inside.


    My search for that something, led me in the financial space, where I can make a profound impact in someone's life.

    Starting in the industry with London Life, enabled me to access a wide range of training and helped me understand the new found landscape.

    With a constant search to provide more to my clients, I founded YVision Financial.

    Founded as a individual insurance and investment firm, I'm now able to offer my clients all that the market has to offer.


    I believe that education must be constant.Once we stop learning is when we start to wither away. The continual education and innovation in financial services, is a commitment I offer to you.


    Build your dreams and plan for the future.



    There's more!

    Our Association and back office

    Peak Financial Group Inc.


    There's a saying : Birds of a feather, stick together.


    In search for independence and transparent advice, YVision Financial couldn't have found a better home.

    Peak Group Financial is the parent company of the multiple companies that comprise our back office chanel and dealer.Our firm is associated with the insurance segment of Peak, Peak Insurance Inc. for all insurance needs.


    YVision Financial is also associated with Peak Investments Services Inc. for all investment needs.

    With $9.75 billion in assets under administration, PEAK is positioned as a leader among multidisciplinary and fully independent dealers. Present from coast to coast, PEAK Financial Group has captured the trust of 1,500 independent Advisors, professionals and employees registered across Canada, enabling them to successfully serve more than 150,000 clients by delivering impartial financial advice.


    We have access to product specialists, compliance department and securities specialists all overlooking the great downtown Montreal area.


    Our main concern isn't all that

    What do our clients have to say?

    We can sit here and boast , flap our wings and do the victory dance all day.... that doesn't mean a thing.


    What does count, is what our clients have to say.

    Our client satisfaction and superior customer experience is what drives us forward.

    And so far, we can rightfully boast on behalf of their testimonials.

    We'd love to add you in part of the family.


    Start building today!